Senior Rails Developer – Cambridgeshire

We’re looking for an experienced Rails developer, ideally 2-3 years with a strong development background to join a prestigious organisation in Cambridgeshire. Salary to £36k which comes with benefits such as: 25 days annual leave, final salary pension scheme, optional private healthcare (on completion of a qualifying period), permanent disability insurance, life assurance, childcare voucher […]

What is Ruby and Ruby on Rails

We use Ruby as our platform of choice here at Dynamic50. Ruby is an object oriented programming language originating from Japan in the early 1990’s. Definition of Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails is a platform for web development built on top of the Ruby programming language. A good paradigm for this is imagine that […]

Nginx rewites to a static URL

We use Nginx here for load balancing and as our HTTP server. We have just started a new company called Ruby50 and I needed to get NGinx to rewrite to a static holding URL until the website is ready to go live. This is how I did it. server { server_name; rewrite ^.*$$1 […]

Ruby Case Statement

The Ruby Case statement differs slightly from other languages, and for some reason it is something I always have trouble remembering the exact syntax for. case n when 0 then puts ‘Nothing’ when 2, 7, 10 then puts ‘Other Numbers’ else puts ‘There is nothing here’ end Another example: Lets say we have a variable […]

OpenSSL and Ruby 1.8.7

I came across the error: no such file to load — openssl when compiling ruby 1.8.7 from source. The ubuntu apt package lib-openssl-ruby is currently not up to date enough to work with ruby 1.8.7 To fix this, you need to reconfigure and reinstall your ruby source package with openssl included. You can do this […]